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Mon, 04 Aug 2014

Younger Patients Candidates for Total Hip Replacement

hip replacement surgery for hip pain

Back then, if you were under 60-years-old and experienced hip pain, your orthopedic physician advised you to hit the “magic number” before undergoing a hip replacement. Many orthopedic physicians have since changed their stance.

It is increasingly more common for younger individuals to undergo a hip replacement due to osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis and traumatic arthritis. Orthopedic physicians now recommend a total hip replacement when patients have tried non-surgical alternatives to no avail.

Newer prosthetic devices are estimated to last over 20 years. Modern devices have a replaceable liner between the ball and socket that can be replaced solely due to wear, rather than replacing the entire hip prostheses. To extend the durability of the prostheses, it is recommended to switch from high impact to more moderate impact activities.

Despite your age, if hip pain has affected your lifestyle, it is time to see an orthopedic physician and learn your treatment options in getting back into an active lifestyle.

Contact Miller Orthopedic Specialists for a consultation to find out if a total hip replacement surgery is right for you. We can help get you mobile and in less pain.

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