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Team physicians for Iowa Western Reivers
Thu, 09 Mar 2023

MOS travels to the NJCAA Wrestling Championship

A referee holds up an Iowa Western woman wrestler's hand to signify that she has won the match.
Iowa Western Reivers Wrestling Competed in the NJCAA National Championship last weekend.

This past weekend at the Mid-America Center, the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), hosted their Wrestling Championship. Collegiate athletes from around the country came to compete for a chance to win the national title. One of those teams, was the Iowa Western Reivers, whom Miller Orthopedic Specialists are the proud team physicians of.

An Iowa Western wrestler picks up his opponent and attempts to slam him during a match. The wrestler has his arms around his opponent's waist.

Doctor Larose was able to give a run down on some of the most common injuries that he saw over the course of the tournament: “We see a lot of laceration that we repair on sight and the wrestlers will usually go back and wrestle again. Often, we’ll see an elbow dislocation, we see some patella kneecap dislocations, some anterior cruciate ligament injuries.”

Providing expert care to the injured Reiver wrestlers was no small feat and doctor Larose was kept busy most of the day: “Over the weekend, we’ll see 30 to 40 injuries. For instance, this morning we did a kneecap dislocation, laceration of an eyebrow and a knee contusion. We have probably seen 10 to 15 injuries already.”

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