Patient Success Story: One Happy Camper

Condition: Osteoarthritis of the left and right hip

Treatment: Same-Day Outpatient Total Left and Right Hip Replacements

Results: Improved mobility, pain relief, and quality of life regained

Tammie Stoneking of Grant, Iowa visited Dr. Boese at Miller Orthopedic Specialists for hip pain in both her left and right hip, requiring a total hip replacement on both. Tammie says, “I’m so glad I had a hip replacement done! I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I was able to camp this past summer and climbed the steps repeatedly in and out of my camper, which I couldn’t do before surgery.”

Dr. Boese explains, “Tammie is a pretty typical patient coming in for a consultation because she was in pain. That first step is the most important to determine and make a treatment plan. We did x-rays and a complete exam, which led to her diagnosis of severe osteoarthritis. I knew right away that I could help her and provided my recommendation for total hip replacement.”  

MOS: What prompted you to make an appointment with Dr. Boese initially?

Tammie: “I knew it was time to discuss surgery when the pain began to interfere with my daily activities. I couldn’t go camping, which I love to do! It was too painful to climb the stairs in and out of my camper. I chose Dr. Boese based on his reputation and he also replaced my father’s hips.”

MOS: Did you have any concerns before your surgery? 

Tammie: “I’ll admit I was a little scared before my first hip replacement surgery. I didn’t know what to expect but I felt secure being in Dr. Boese’s capable hands.”

MOS: What advice would you give others who may be considering a same-day outpatient hip replacement?

Tammie: “If you are having a lot of hip pain and are unable to comfortably go about daily activities like I was, don’t put it off! I have absolutely no regrets. If it’s at all possible to have your surgery on an outpatient basis — that’s the way to go. I didn’t have to spend a single moment in the hospital and that was awesome.

One important thing that I learned is you should definitely follow the instructions you’re given for your recovery. I didn’t listen well with my first hip replacement surgery, as I thought I’m only 57 and I don’t need to take it easy like an ‘old’ person. I thought I was invincible but I was wrong. For my second hip replacement surgery, I followed the rules to the letter which resulted in a much more comfortable recovery.”

Tammie is just over two years post-op on her left hip and over a year on her right hip. Dr. Boese shares on Tammie’s recovery, “Tammie recovered as expected and received great results with her surgery that relieved her pain. In just three months post-surgery, Tammie was released to doing full activities without any restrictions. Her new hips are expected to last her for another 20-30 years!”   

For more information, visit our Same-Day Outpatient Total Joint Replacement page.
Dr. Boese is a highly regarded surgeon, fellowship-trained at John Hopkins University, and is a recognized leader specializing in total joint replacements. Schedule your appointment to learn if you are an eligible candidate for outpatient total hip replacement by calling Miller Orthopedic Specialists at 712-323-5333 or online.

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