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Services Same-Day Total Joint Replacement

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Traditionally, hip and knee joint replacement was considered an inpatient surgery at a hospital, where you stay and recover for an average of three to four days. Outpatient total joint replacement surgery is now more common, and is often preferred for a minimally invasive alternative. Whether staying active and living a life of adventure is a priority for you, or you just want to stop the pain, don’t wait any longer to learn more and schedule a consultation for minimally invasive joint replacement surgery.

Outpatient Same-Day Total Joint Replacement is what we do, and we’ve been successfully leading the way for several years in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. Dr. Boese is a highly regarded surgeon, fellowship-trained at John Hopkins University and is a recognized leader specializing in total joint replacements, specifically outpatient and minimally invasive hip and knee surgeries.

Dr. Boese says: “Safety is our first priority. Not one of my same-day surgery patients has had to be readmitted to a hospital after their joint replacement surgery. This is possible with advances in techniques, improved anesthesia, expedited rehabilitation protocols and physical therapy. With our unique home nursing program, we bring the care to you.”

“Staying out of the hospital is now more important than ever. Protect yourself from Covid-19 and have your surgery where infection rates are lower.  Patients recover better at home!”

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What are the advantages of outpatient total joint replacements?

            • Recovery is quicker
            • You can go home the day of your procedure
            • You can recover comfortably and safely in your own home
            • It costs less
            • Your risk of infection is reduced
            • Avoid patients sick with Covid-19

            Learn more about the outpatient surgery center, Advanced Surgery Center (ASC).

            Why choose a Miller Orthopedic Specialists’ Surgeon?

                      • Highly-skilled surgeons using the latest advancements
                      • Our surgeons are proven experts
                      • Over the past five years, Dr. Boese has successfully performed over 250 same-day total joint replacements
                      • Schedule on your terms
                      • Timely and personalized care to get you back to enjoying life

                      What do other patients say about their experience?

                      Johnny Rodgers’ Outpatient Knee Replacement Surgery Journey – “I wasn’t nervous because I had a great Doctor, Dr. C. Kent Boese. Dr. Boese explained each step; then I made the decision and he did the rest. What’s so amazing I had the surgery yesterday and I feel great. I’m back in the game coach.” – Johnny Rodgers

                      Read Johnny’s Story
                      Watch Johnny’s Video

                      “I was a little afraid of (the procedure) but the longer I thought about it and (Dr. Boese) explained the lesser risk of infection and faster recovery, it made a lot of sense. My family couldn’t believe when they came back from lunch that I was all dressed and ready to go. Dr. Boese and his staff were just wonderful to work with. I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had to. I just wouldn’t wait as long.” – Nan Colwell

                      Watch video of Nan just one-hour after her outpatient hip surgery!
                      Read Nan’s Story

                      “I have had a full knee replacement and just had a hip replacement. I hold Dr. Boese in the highest of regards. My joints were rather difficult but he made them like new. I can’t thank him enough.  I can walk again!” – Julie W.

                      “I really liked Dr. Boese. He was so good to get me in and he was not rushed in my visit. He seemed to be a real expert.” – Judy B.

                      “I had complete trust in Dr. Boese because he had done so many knee surgeries, was so knowledgeable and knew just what to do. Thank you Dr. Boese and Miller Orthopedic!” – Linda

                      How can I get my quality of life back and relieve my pain?   

                      Schedule your appointment at one of our clinic locations to see if you are a candidate for outpatient total hip replacement surgery or total knee replacement surgery.


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