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Physical therapy’s purpose is to help people do the things they want to do without pain. Just getting back to normal is no longer the goal in rehabilitation. At Miller Orthopedic Specialists Physical Therapy, the goal is to allow people to do things they weren’t sure they could after suffering an injury or undergoing a surgery – or better yet, prevent injuries before they occur and take your abilities to the next level with effective and innovative treatments. At Miller Orthopedic Specialists you will be treated with individualized programs to meet your individual goals. Treatments are comprehensive and will go beyond the traditional exercises many have become accustomed to. If you have a pain or limitation you want assistance with or will be undergoing surgery, please consider Miller Orthopedic Specialists Physical Therapy as your first choice for your rehabilitation needs.

Physical Therapy



Joshua Bintz, PT, DPT                                    

Joshua Bintz: Physical Therapist at Miller Orthopedic Specialists



Check out this video by Josh Bintz! Read our blog here. 


  • Do I need a doctor’s referral to come to physical therapy?
    • The short answer is no. Iowa is a direct access state which means all commercial insurances are able to utilize physical therapy services without a doctor’s referral. If your insurance company requests a doctor’s referral, the PT simply sends a request to your preferred MD with the plan of care and this is taken care of immediately.
  • How do I know if physical therapy will help?
    • All of our physical therapists graduated recently and have a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, meaning we have been extensively trained in not only treating and rehabilitating injuries, but also in finding the cause of those injuries and knowing if physical therapy is appropriate. If you come to physical therapy with a problem that is beyond the scope of what physical therapy can treat, the convenience of Miller Orthopedic Specialists is there are highly skilled orthopedic surgeons just down the hall that may be able to see you the same day.
  • How much will it cost?
    • Every insurance plan is different. Some cover all out of pocket expenses, some have co-pays, and some have deductible with eventual coinsurance. If you don’t know what any of those things means, don’t have insurance, or aren’t sure what your insurance covers, don’t worry. The staff at Miller Orthopedic Specialists will be sure the cost of your care is clear to you and that you are comfortable with it before your second physical therapy session.
  • What exactly will I be doing in physical therapy?
    • Everyone is different; therefore, every treatment is different. Physical therapy is tailored to your specific needs and goals. While exercise is still an integral part of physical therapy treatment, it is only a piece of what physical therapy can offer. Depending on your needs you may receive massage, traction, pain-relieving therapies such as iontophoresis, and kinesio-taping, just to name a few!
  • Will I be with the same physical therapist each session?
    • Joshua Bintz, DPT and a PTA make up the rehabilitation team at Miller Orthopedic Specialists. You are likely to see both of them during your time in physical therapy but you may certainly request to see one more frequently if you choose.
  • Do you provide dry needling?
    • Miller Orthopedic Specialists Physical Therapy is one of the only clinics in the area providing dry needling. Dry needling involves the insertion of a fine filament needles into neuromuscular junctions /motor points, stimulating the muscles, and bringing unbelievable pain relief and significantly improved function to patients who have been suffering for years. There is no injectable solution and the needle which is used is very thin. Most patients will not even feel the needle penetrate the skin, but once advanced into the muscle, the patient may have a sensation like a muscle cramp – which is often referred to as a “twitch response’.  The twitch response results in deactivating the trigger point, thereby reducing pain and restoring normal length and function to the involved muscle.

Issues our physical therapist treats:

  • Post-operative rehabilitation including- joint replacement, ACL reconstruction, rotator cuff repair, fracture repair, labral and cartilage injury repairs, surgeries of the spine, carpal tunnel, and more.
  • Chronic pain potentially due to arthritis, tendonitis, or fibromyalgia.
  • Issues of the head and neck such as headaches, whiplash, disc problems, and neurologic disorders (stroke, Parkinson’s, etc).
  • Correction of postural issues, balance deficits, muscle imbalances, and instability which can contribute to falls, increase pain, or limit the ability to move and perform in daily or sports-related activities.
  • Conservative management and rehabilitation of sprains, strains, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfers elbow, low back pain, patellofemoral syndrome, sciatica, and plantar fasciitis just to name a few!
  • Dry Needling – Dry needling is an effective treatment for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury, and even pain and injury prevention, with very few side effects.   This technique is unequaled in finding and eliminating neuromuscular dysfunction that leads to pain and functional deficits.

Don’t see your issue on the list? Contact Miller Orthopedic and ask if we can help you with it!

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