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Miller Orthopedic Specialists is proud to announce we are doing regenerative medicine treatments. Orthopedic Doctors Larose and Atteberry all perform these treatments to help with both chronic and acute pain.

Pain can keep you from your active lifestyle. Regenerative Medicine Solutions can get you back to doing the things you enjoy. These non-surgical options can help relieve pain and get you to start healing faster.

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There are many benefits to these procedures, so here are a few!

Benefits: Conditions Treated:
-Utilizes your own blood

-Starts healing process at a cellular level to quicken healing

-Concentrates the growth factors to help healing

-Customized treatments to fit your needs

-Supports long-term healing

-Prolongs the need for potential surgery

-Simple and quick procedure

-Safe for your body

-Joint Pain and Arthritis

-Muscle Strains and tears

-Soft Tissue Injuries

-Meniscus Tears


-Rotator Cuff Tears

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-Tennis Elbow


We have four personalized approaches for patients to choose from with the help of a consultation with one of our physicians.  Through the assistance of the physician, you can choose one or a combination of multiple procedures to help best meet your needs.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is a concentration of platelets and growth factors created from a small amount of your own blood. It focuses on concentrating the healing factors to increase the speed of recovery. This is a treatment we have already been doing for about 3 years with good results.

How it works: Platelets are concentrated down to a cellular level. Outside of the bloodstream these platelets become activated and release important proteins to help increase growth levels and improved signaling of recruitment cells. This procedure is usually done in less than half an hour in our office.

Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP)

ACP is a rapid concentration of platelets and growth factors from the patient’s own blood. Autologous means that it is from your own body.

How it works: We will collect a small amount of blood. This sample then goes through a rapid spinning process that separates and concentrates the platelets. The main difference between this and PRP is that the platelets get spun down and concentrated further with ACP using the Arthex Angel System. The process still takes place in our office in less than an hour. This uses your own blood to help promote healing more quickly and limit the chance of rejection.

Amniotic Fluid (AF)

AF is a protein-rich fluid with proven regenerative potential.

How it works: Amnion contains growth factors and proteins essential to healing that reduce scar formation, reduce inflammation, and support soft tissue regeneration. This fluid has a complex array of growth factors and anti-inflammatory properties that get injected into your body.  This is a simple injection that can help you start healing right away.

Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC)

BMC is a concentration of stem cells, platelets and growth factors created from your own bone marrow. Increased levels of growth factors can improve the signaling and recruitment of cells for faster healing.

How it works: This procedure will be done at Advanced Surgery Center, LLC. Local anesthesia is applied and some bone marrow is removed from the patient. It is then filtered down to retrieve the stem cells. After that, the stem cells get injected in or around the location of the injured joint or tissue.

All of these procedures use stem cells to promote healing at a cellular level. This can help you get back to your daily routines more quickly with less pain. It starts the healing from within to promote long-term healing and growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate?

We will work with you to find out if this is right for you. After a thorough examination, we will discuss if regenerative medicine solutions would be right for you. They will also help you choose which option would be best for your situation. It is not for everybody, but orthopedists are the best positioned to offer this treatment because we can diagnose the condition and offer the whole spectrum of treatment from medication, steroid, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, regenerative medicine or surgery.

Will Insurance Cover My Procedure?

Stem Cell and PRP treatments have been around for several years, but most insurance companies do not cover the procedures. If your insurance will not cover the treatments then we will discuss other options with you. 

What are the Potential Risks?

Most of our regenerative cell procedures use properties from within to minimize the chance of rejection from your body. The risk of complications from this procedure is low.

The most common complication is pain. The pain usually subsides in 1-3 days and is usually well tolerated. However, sometimes it does require pain medication for a few days.

The risk of infection is very low, but is not non-existent.

As with any procedure, damage to blood vessels or nerves can occur, but it is very rare with regenerative medicine.

Even though not a complication, it is worth noting that some patients will not experience the benefits of this treatment.

How Long is the Typical Healing Process?

Recovery time varies depending on the person. Most people start to feel better and see improvement within 1-3 months. Others it can be 6-9 months before a significant change can be seen. Some people experience some pain and swelling following the procedure, but this is usually reduced within a couple of weeks and then people begin seeing results. Every patient is different and the amount of damage before the procedure can also impact how quickly one recovers.

For any other questions or for a consultation, call our Miller Orthopedic offices and book an appointment (712) 323-5333 in Council Bluffs or (402) 991-9958 in Omaha.




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