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Read what our patients are saying about Miller Orthopedic Specialists.

Outpatient Total Knee Replacement

“This is my knee replacement journey. I wasn’t nervous because I had a great Doctor, Dr. C. Kent Boese, and Assistant Surgeon Dr. Theresa Gallo. Dr. Boese explained each step; then I made the decision and he did the rest. What’s so amazing I had the surgery yesterday and I feel great. I’m back in the game coach.”

“Just want the world to see what happens when you trust great people. On the hardest day of my post surgery, I am up walking. With the proper nutrition and direction, impossible ain’t nothin!”

– Johnny S. Rodgers –

knee surgery Council Bluffs

Delores Hill — Trauma Success Stories

A Great Outcome for a not so nice Mother’s Day!

“You are my HEROES!” Delores Hill says of both Doctors Huy Trinh and Thomas Atteberry.  In May she blacked out and fell, resulting in a broken shoulder, wrist and hip.  She spent Mother’s Day and the day after in surgery to correct the traumatic injuries.  Three months after she says “the recovery was slow but great! Both (doctors) did a beautiful job.”  Miller Orthopedic exceeded her expectations and met 100% of her needs.  She feels confident in recommending them to friends and family.  She sums it up saying “thank you for letting me continue to live without pain.”

orthopedic surgeon Council Bluffs

Traumatic Leg Injury on the Mend

In April, Gail H. came into the local emergency room with a broken leg. Dr. Roy Abraham was the doctor on call that evening. Gail’s fracture, in the upper tibia, was one of the most traumatic fractures a person can have. According to Gail, “Dr. Abraham put a plate and screws in below my knee. “

Gail said, “Dr. Abraham made me laugh when I ask about things I can and cannot do. Most of the time early on it was ‘Oh, no, no, no!!!’

Things have gone well and efficient.” Gail would recommend Miller Orthopaedic to her friends, family, and co-workers. She says “Dr. Abraham has been very helpful and thorough.”

Dr. Abraham’s expertise with traumatic orthopedic injuries meant that he could provide the necessary treatment for Gail’s injury.


Getting Back in the Saddle

While on the job, Craig K. was thrown from his horse and landed on his left side. He sought medical treatment at the local Emergency Room where he was treated by Dr. Thomas Atteberry.

Dr. Atteberry determined that he had sustained a Morel-Lavele lesion on his left hip. After hearing the options Dr. Atteberry suggested for treatment, Craig opted for a surgical procedure to remove the fluid from the lesion. He was so glad he went ahead with the procedure and said: “I feel any other physician except Dr. Atteberry would not have been able to properly diagnose my problem.” Their “attention to patients” as well as “understanding of diagnosis and treatment” are a couple reasons Craig would recommend Dr. Atteberry and Miller Orthopedic to his friends and family.

He especially liked that “from the front door to the doctor’s visit, everyone at Miller appeared like they loved their job and their employer which was shown by their friendliness and willingness to help.” He added, “Dr. Atteberry is an awesome doctor.”

Traumatic Injury Results in Necessary Surgery

Gary E. came to the emergency room in Red Oak after having a steel beam fall on him. Dr. Thomas Atteberry was seeing patients at the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital outpatient clinic and was asked to take a look at Gary’s x-ray. He determined Gary had fractured his left forearm when the beam fell on it and required surgery to repair it. Gary had surgery the next day.

He is very pleased with Dr. Atteberry, the hospital and all of his nurses in keeping him informed about what was happening. “The care was great and my wife was very happy with the nurses as well,” Gary said.

After this experience with Dr. Atteberry and Miller Orthopedic, Gary would highly recommend them to friends and family.

orthopedic doctor omaha

Wrist Pain Gone

Nancy D. saw Dr. Hsu as a result of wrist pain. After examination, Dr. Hsu recommended a carpal tunnel release for treatment. Since surgery, Nancy no longer experiences pain, tingling or numbness in her wrist. She is thrilled with the outcome and said, “my hand feels much better and does not keep me awake.”

She appreciated the friendliness and compassionate demeanor of the Miller Orthopedic office staff as well as the courtesy and sincerity of her surgical team. She said her experience was “very satisfying and pleasant” and would recommend Dr. Hsu to friends and family.


Garry Struyk – Podiatry Success Stories

Garry Struyk utilizes orthopedic and podiatric services.

Dr. Panesar treated Garry Struyk for a torn Achilles tendon. “He operated and fixed the tendon. I now walk and do what I want with the guidelines Dr. Panesar laid out,” Gary said. He appreciated the friendly and professional staff and doctor.

On another occasion, Garry had an injury causing him severe hip pain. “Dr. Atteberry gave me a shot, laid out a treatment plan along with rest and got me back to work. I’m back working and not hurting all the time. Thanks to Miller Orthopaedic, I’m whole again.”


Pain Free Feet

Michael W. came to see Dr. Panesar, podiatrist, at Miller Orthopedic with a sore bunion and hammertoe. After examining Michael’s feet, Dr. Panesar determined that surgery was needed to remove the bunion and correct the hammertoe. During surgery, Dr. Panesar discovered additional arthritis in two other toes adjacent to the hammertoe and he was able to correct the condition. Michael said, “My toes are straight and I am pain-free.”

Michael would recommend Miller Orthopedic to his family and friends because “they treat you like an individual and are very knowledgeable. The first impression of the clinic was great; relaxed, homey yet professional”. He really liked the efficiency and professionalism of the office staff and Dr. Panesar. “You come, you get right in, the nurse and doctor take care of you, you get instructions and you are on your way.”

toe arthritis surgery Council Bluffs

Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief for Richard

Richard came to see Dr. Trinh for numbness, pain and limited range of motion in his left and right arms and neck. Upon further examination, it was determined that Richard required carpal tunnel release to his left wrist and a second future surgery to his right. Richard was very happy with the services provided by all, saying “Dr. Trinh was warm and friendly, very professional and forthright. The waiting nurse was friendly and well-versed in his job.” Richard feels the Miller Orthopedic staff is “very knowledgeable, courteous and personal from the front desk to the doctor.” He also commented, “the facilities were impressive.” He feels that he was treated exceptionally. “Everyone concerned was fantastic; it was about me. Kudos for the surgery nurses. They were especially attentive. I will recommend Miller Orthopedic to friends and strangers alike,” Richard said.

Broken Bone in Foot Repaired in Outpatient Procedure

Marie was asked about her experience with Dr. Trinh, Miller Orthopedic, and the Advanced Surgery Center. She said, “I would highly recommend Miller Orthopedic! I recently broke a bone in my foot and needed surgery to pin it together. Dr. Trinh performed the surgery the very next morning at their new surgical center! The staff was so friendly and someone was with me the entire time, letting me know exactly what they were doing every step of the way. They took all my worries and fears away and made it so simple, easy and painless. I was totally amazed by it all and it was so much nicer than going to a hospital. When someone says ‘surgery’ you think the worst, but it was anything but. Thank you so much to Dr. Trinh and his staff!”

Shoulder Pain Resolved

With pain in the right shoulder for 8 months, Ruthanne G. underwent multiple shots and epidurals by another doctor but did not get any pain relief. Then she decided to make an appointment with Dr. Trinh. In 2002 he performed her neck surgery and she was very pleased. “I knew Dr. Trinh would know what the problem was and fix it,” said Ruthanne.

Dr. Trinh performed a shoulder scope and rotator cuff surgery on Ruthanne. She said “My shoulder feels great and I should have 100% use again. Dr. Trinh is absolutely awesome! Dr. Trinh cares, listens to where the pain is and knows how to fix it.” She was impressed by how clean the clinic was and with the staff’s efficiency and professionalism.

Regarding Dr. Trinh, she tells her family, friends, and co-workers: “He listens to me and acts immediately.” She said, “I am healing, my pain is gone and I have returned to work.”


rotator cuff surgery Omaha

Back Pain Relief

“Pain was a constant,” said Joann E. who suffered from severe scoliosis and osteoporosis. “I was looking for another option besides my pain medication which was causing a whole lot of other problems.” That’s when Joann came to see Dr. Trinh, spine and orthopedic specialist. In trying to treat Joann’s condition conservatively, Dr. Trinh offered physical therapy as an option. Even though this was never an option she had considered previously, she decided to give it a try. Dr. Trinh referred her to Nick Mouw, a physical therapist with Miller Orthopedic.

“Nick was right there and started me on carefully selected exercises that would be good for me. He watched me do them and gave me instruction on how to do them correctly. He was patient as I gradually increased in strength. Now, I am definitely stronger and steadier. He also encouraged me through withdrawal from my complete dependence on my pain medicine to completely off the pain medicine. I feel liberated! The pain is manageable and minimal since exercising. I feel like a new woman,” Joann said.

Joann has been a patient with Miller Orthopedic since 2004 when she experienced severe knee pain. Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Abraham provided her with services to relieve her pain. “Now Dr. Trinh knows what is best for my poor spine and I trust his good judgment and he is so kind,” Joann said.

She appreciates the patient and friendly staff who made her feel comfortable and welcome, and felt that Dr. Trinh’s greeting “What can I do for you?” was very inviting. Joann states: “It is an amazing team of doctors with an astounding amount of knowledge right here in my hometown and I feel very, very fortunate for present and future needs as I age.”


physical therapy omaha

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Gives Her Back Her Life

When Marilyn A. experienced knee pain and felt she needed to be seen by an orthopedic physician, she came back to Miller Orthopedic Specialists. She had experienced excellent care by Dr. Trinh previously for her back.

After x-rays and a thorough examination, it was determined Marilyn had deterioration of her right knee joint. After Dr. Trinh explained the options to her, she decided to proceed with a total knee replacement.

Three weeks post-op she is on the road to recovery. She appreciates the promptness and friendliness of the staff as well as the cleanliness of the clinic. Marilyn said, “Dr. Trinh takes time to talk to his patients.” Marilyn believes the services provided by Dr. Trinh and Miller Ortho were above her expectations.

She would recommend Dr. Trinh to friends and family “because he gave me life again.”


Thrilled About Living Pain Free

Judith W. had been experiencing sciatic nerve pain on her right side.  She called Miller Orthopedic and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Trinh. It was determined she needed surgical treatment.

After back surgery, Judith said, “Within one week I had major improvement with my sciatic nerve pain.  I was able to sleep on my back for the first time in years. Plus I stopped thrashing around all night.”Judith is thrilled about living pain-free.

Judith continued, “You guys are amazing!  I’m always able to get in when I face a problem.  I was treated very respectfully always and encouraged to ask as many questions as I had concerns.  My questions were always answered patiently and thoroughly.  I never felt ignorant for my lack of knowledge regarding the body or the procedure.  Thank you, Dr. Trinh!  You Rock!”

sciatic nerve pain council bluffs

Shoulder Pain Relief

Gayle B. was experiencing pain and a loss of movement in his left shoulder. He made an appointment with Dr. Trinh to identify the cause. Dr. Trinh ordered x-rays and an MRI, both indicating severe osteoarthritis.

Gayle said he initially tried conservative treatments to no avail. Dr. Trinh recommended a left shoulder replacement. Following surgery, Gayle said, “I am more pain-free and have freedom of movement in my left shoulder. I was impressed by the knowledge the doctor had in diagnosing my problem. Everyone was kind and helpful. I can now do the things pain-free that make up everyday life.”

With his experience, he recommends Miller Orthopedic and Dr. Trinh because “they took the steps towards helping me do things easier.”

Heather Minssen

Heather saw Dr. Daniel Larose with Miller Orthopedic, sports medicine specialist and orthopedic surgeon. He determined she had a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and torn medial meniscus. In February 2006, Heather underwent arthroscopy to repair her torn ligament and meniscus. The surgery was successful and she started physical therapy to rehabilitate her knee. FLEX physical therapists, Mike “Sal” Salerno and Mike Uhrlaub, were instrumental in helping her return as an active high school athlete.

Heather felt so bad she was not able to complete her high school basketball career; she really wanted to finish out her senior year by competing in track. She had been active in shot put, discus and running but knew that after having surgery she couldn’t do the running events the track like she had in the past. She made the decision to focus on shot put believing it wouldn’t put as much stress on the knee. Even though she had just finished physical therapy, she returned to actively participate only a month and a half after her surgery. She ended up getting 2nd at State and brought the newspaper article back to FLEX to show them what she had done. They were pleased she had recovered so quickly. Athletes with this type of injury typically take a longer time to recover and return to sports.

Heather from Underwood, IA, was named All American in the Shot Putt after competing for UNO the past three years. She was an outstanding high school basketball player for Underwood High School. When she was a senior and they were playing very well with only a few games to go in the regular season, Heather went up for a shot and heard a pop as she landed. She tried to get up, but her left knee continued to give out. Heather’s mother brought Heather to the Saturday morning FREE walk-in sports clinic at Miller Orthopedic to have her checked out.

UNO recruited Heather to play basketball for them starting in the fall of 2007. After the season, the track coach asked her to be part of their team in the spring. With the approval of her basketball coach, she thought it would be a great way for her to stay in shape between basketball seasons. Her shot putt skills continued to improve and she started placing near the top when competing. After playing two seasons of basketball and track for UNO, she decided she wanted to pursue track and stopped playing basketball. In June 2010 she was named All American in shot putt as a result of her outstanding performance throughout the year with the UNO track team.

Heather’s family had been previous patients at Miller and felt they had received outstanding care. She said everyone was so friendly and comfortable. “It felt like everyone knew you when you walked in” she commented. She felt the outcome from her surgery was great and fortunate she never had to wear a brace. The care she received from the initial appointment to surgery and physical therapy were all “wonderful”.

Heather is pursuing her education at UNO to become a secondary math teacher and will student teach at Westside Middle School in Omaha fall semester 2010.

2011 Update:  Heather continues her success at UNO.


knee surgery omaha

Morgan Sanchez – Pain Free Today

Morgan Sanchez was 17 years old when she came to Miller Orthopedic after continuing to have left knee pain from a lateral release surgery performed by another orthopedic doctor in February of 2006.

Dr. Larose saw Morgan in April of 2007 and after an examination determined there was a problem with the initial lateral release surgery. Mary Beth Sanchez, Morgan’s mother, said “Dr. Larose knew there was a risk going back into her knee, but he listened to us and knew something was not right. He had the confidence to do what he needed to do to help her.” After explaining the risks to Morgan and her mother, it was determined they needed to go ahead with the surgery.

“Morgan was looking at a potential lifetime of pain, just walking up steps, standing for any period of time,” said Mary Beth. They knew they needed to take the risk associated with the surgery. After surgery, Morgan could feel a significant reduction in pain immediately and today she is “pain-free”.

“We were very impressed with the time Dr. Larose took with us and the way he believed Morgan. We had been to four other doctors prior to seeing Dr. Larose,” said Mary Beth. She also felt the staff at Miller Orthopedic was very helpful and great to work with.

The Sanchez’s traveled five hours from their home in Eastern Iowa seeking out Dr. Larose. Even though it was a long drive for them Mary Beth said: “I would gladly travel it again if anything else were to happen to any of our children!”

2011 Update:  Four years after having surgery, Morgan is doing very well and active.  The Sanchez family continues to turn to Dr. Larose with their youngest son’s sports injury.  They continue to make the ten hour round trip drive to seek out exceptional orthopedic services offered by Dr. Larose.


knee surgery omaha

Happy Patient Returns Again!

Janet D. has been a patient of Dr. Larose’s since 2007 when she had surgery on her right knee for a torn medial meniscus. She was very pleased with that surgery so when she had to have surgery on her other knee in 2011, she knew “Dr. Larose was the only orthopedic doctor I was going to have repair my left knee.”

Janet said “Dr. Larose is professional and caring. You’re not just a number on a chart! He has a wonderful bedside manner!!” She appreciated the caring and professional treatment shown by the Miller Orthopedic and Advanced Surgery Center staff as well. “I liked how the staff called me the very next day after surgery to see how I was doing, asked me questions and told me if I needed anything just to call back anytime. Prior to my surgery Dr. Larose took the time to visit with me and go over the surgical procedure before the nurses took me to the operating room,” Janet said.

According to Janet, “My knee is now pain-free. I will be able to return to work and perform my duties as an overnight charge nurse for eight hours and go home in the morning and not hurt!”

Janet was asked if she would recommend Miller Orthopaedic and Dr. Larose to her friends, family, and co-workers. She responded “Yes, Yes, Yes!”

knee surgery

Back to the Sports She Loves

Cassandra F. came to see Dr. Atteberry in October 2011 with a torn ACL and MCL of the right knee. “My first impression of Miller Orthopedic was that of a very clean, organized clinic. Everyone was so nice and friendly and made me feel so welcome. Dr. Atteberry is great. He always takes the time to talk to you on your level, making sure you understand everything. He never makes you feel rushed.”

Cassandra was informed of her options after a thorough exam. After discussing all the options with Dr. Atteberry, she decided to go ahead with the surgery that would repair both her ACL and MCL at the same time. After having surgery, she went on to do physical therapy a few days later. She said, “I am now back up and walking on that right knee. The stiffness is still there but the pain and discomfort are gone. At my last follow-up visit, I was measured for a custom-fit brace which will allow me to get back to playing the sports that I love. Everyone at Miller Orthopedic goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and they make it easy to get in to see a doctor. They all work together to make a great team!”

She would highly recommend them to friends and family. She really likes that Miller Orthopedic offers satellite clinics so she can follow up with Dr. Atteberry close to home. She also commented on her experience at the Advanced Surgery Center saying “I would go back to the ASC in a heartbeat. My all around experience from parking to check-in to discharge was all stress-free and easy. Walking into a hospital always makes me nervous but the ASC almost had a calming effect on me. Not once did I feel nervous about my surgery and I thank the staff at ASC for that. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurses to the anesthesiologist was friendly and caring. The atmosphere did not feel rushed and I never had to wait for anything. They moved from one thing to the next quickly which helped cut down on my nerves. It was also nice to hear a familiar voice on the line when they called several days later to check in. All-in-all, it was a great experience with a great outcome.”

ACL injury

Basketball Player Excels After Surgery on Knee

Ricky said, “It was the 2nd quarter against Bedford. I was going for the tackle when a player’s helmet slammed into my knee. I heard a loud pop. I sat out the rest of the game. My mother and I went to Flex Physical Therapy to get it checked out. They recommended that I should have Miller Orthopaedic check it out. Dr. Daniel Larose ordered an MRI of my knee. The test showed I had a meniscus tear in my knee. We had surgery not knowing until after surgery whether it would be a three week or three-month recovery!

“Thank God, the good news after surgery was three weeks recovery! Along with the proper knee brace from Miller, stretches, and exercise I was able to start on time with basketball season. Dr. Larose suggested I continue to wear my knee support brace during basketball practice and games to ensure the proper support and reduce the chance of reinjuring my knee. I had a great basketball season. I averaged 22 points and 12 rebounds per game. I reached my 1000 career points on January 6, 2012, and broke the school record of 1155 on January 24, 2012. I ended my season with 1300 career points.”

Ricky’s team (Riverside) also took its first WIC Championship in 17 years, ending the season with 17 wins and 4 losses. “It was a great ending to our season with the care of Dr. Larose.”

sports medicine Omaha

Ankle Reconstruction Successful

“If somebody would please pass this message and picture on to Dr. Larose we would appreciate it. We’ve been meaning to tell Dr. Larose thank you for the wonderful job he did on our daughter Sydney’s ankle reconstruction on August 3, 2012. After she was released to return to sports. She participated in track, softball and powder puff football. At her very first track event, the Bruce Jenner Invitational at Graceland University, she earned a 3rd place medal! Over the summer she led the team in stats across the board in softball. (which is where her injury occurred the previous summer) Sydney earned the honor of making All-Conference, All-District teams and also All-State Honorable Mention. Last month she was the quarterback for her winning powder puff team. She said her ankle feels and works better than ever! Thanks again for your surgery skills Dr. Larose! Kim, Gary and Sydney P.”
(Kim P. via Facebook message)

Rotator Cuff Repair a Success

After shoulder pain affected Lena’s daily activities, she made an appointment with Dr. Larose. He diagnosed her with a partially torn rotator cuff along with spurs and arthritis of her right shoulder. Dr. Larose removed the spurs and performed a rotator cuff repair surgery.

Lena said the outcome was “fantastic.” She feels that with this surgery she will have many years of arm mobility.

“I am very pleased by how everyone in the clinic has treated me. I feel very comfortable when I come to the clinic and Dr. Larose is very comfortable to talk to. It has exceeded my expectations. This surgery has been very low stress and the easiest I have had to deal with. Thank You, thank you, thank you!” Lena said.

Lena says she highly recommends Dr. Larose because he is “a caring and knowledgeable man who truly thinks of the needs of his patients.” She feels blessed that he has the skills and caring attitude to make sure she heals and has the mobility to get her back to an active lifestyle.

She appreciates that she didn’t have to make additional trips with her office visit, tests, and results scheduled on the same day. Being 65 miles from the clinic, Dr. Larose understood the cost of additional trips. Lena continued, “No doctor has ever done that for me before. I knew he considers me first because of that.”

“Excellent” Care Provided by Dr. Larose!

Dr. Larose was instrumental in treating a torn ligament on Cindy H.’s left middle finger. Cindy can now move her hand and fingers again.

Cindy said, “Miller Orthopedic met all my needs and more. They do what is needed to get you back to normal and everyone is so polite and friendly.” She was previously seen at Miller Orthopedic before her injury and returned because of the care was “excellent.”

Following her positive experiences, Cindy has since referred several of her friends and family to Miller Orthopedic.

Excellent Rating from Knee Replacement Patient

Mary R. said “It has been marvelous” when she was asked about her experience at Miller Orthopedic. “As a healthcare professional, I have been very pleased with Miller Ortho, Dr. Kent Boese and my treatment, surgery success, and recovery. I would rate you (Miller Orthopedics) as excellent in all areas.”

“Dr. Boese has come highly recommended. He did my knee replacement and I have had no surgical pain at all. He was kind, efficient and explained all that I needed to know.” The physical therapy part of the process has been “work” for her. However, she understands it is to help her gain maximum mobility and return her to an active lifestyle.

The clinic location was accessible, comfortable and roomy, according to Mary. “Everyone is courteous and efficient,” Mary added. She feels like all her needs were met from the appointments, paperwork, insurance, pre-op and post-op follow-up.

“My experience with Dr. Boese has been great. He is a kind, family man with superior surgical skills. What more could you ask for?”

Hip Replacement Returns Patient to Active Lifestyle

Cindra H. saw Dr. Boese at Miller Orthopedic Specialists after having pain in her right hip and lower back. She said, “My chiropractor recommended Dr. Boese after seeing an x-ray that showed a lot of arthritis and a spur on my hip.”

Dr. Boese wanted to try a conservative approach first by injecting cortisone into her hip. When this approach did not relieve the pain, Dr. Boese recommended a total hip replacement. After having the surgery, Cindra said “relief from the back pain was immediate. The pain after surgery never got over a two. I was walking with a walker the day after surgery and home within two and a half days from the day of surgery. I started walking with a cane at three weeks and at four weeks I started physical therapy.”

Cindra was asked about her initial impression of Miller Orthopedic Specialists’ clinic and Dr. Boese. She replied, “Wonderful! Dr. Boese is a blessing! I did not dream that relief from that pain was possible. Everyone at Miller Orthopedic Specialists was so kind and helpful. They explained everything that would take place very clearly.”

Cindra feels relieved to be pain-free other than occasional arthritis in her other joints and is looking forward to returning to gardening and playing with her grandkids. “I was told by many that Dr. Boese was the best and that is very true,” Cindra said.

Happy Patient Writes Letter of Thanks

Miller Orthopedics,

I want to thank Dr. Abraham for my surgeries. The first was done on November 15, 2011, the other June 5th this year (2013).

I’m able to walk (not run).

Every now and then, my arthritis comes to visit me but not too bad. That’s to be expected.

If anyone asks if I know a surgeon for the knee, I would recommend Dr. Abraham in a heartbeat. Dr. Abraham is one of the nicest doctors. I’ve ever met.

Thanks again


hip replacement surgery

Great Results After Knee Arthroscopy

Greg J. said, “I had good expectations about going to Miller Ortho and was very happy to have gotten great results. The doctor (Dr. Trinh) was very thorough.” He appreciates having the opportunity to be seen in the Red Oak outpatient clinic and had a good experience there. He said he would recommend Miller Ortho and Dr. Trinh. “I could not have had better care anywhere else.”

Hip Pain Resolved

Lillian B. saw Dr. Boese following pain in her right hip. She was impressed with how caring Dr. Boese and his staff were for her. She underwent a total hip arthroplasty. She said, “My hip feels better and I can move it with no pain in my leg.”

She feels her needs were met “100%” and would recommend Miller Orthopedic and Dr. Boese to friends and family. She said. “They are the best. I felt very well cared for… almost like family!”

Looking Forward to Next Hip Replacement

Verna B. was referred to Dr. Boese, total joint specialist, following a diagnosis of bone-on-bone osteoarthritis from her primary care physician.

She said, “Dr. Boese put me at ease. He spent time with me and explained everything in clear terms I could understand. When I was told that the pain I had been experiencing for over a year was my hips, I was scared. However, I knew I had to have the surgery if I ever wanted to be able to walk pain-free. Dr. Boese took the time to explain to me and my family exactly what the surgery would be and the final results expected.”

Verna was very pleased with her experience at Miller Orthopedic. She said the staff was professional and caring. “Everyone from Dr. Boese, Theresa, and Sasha to all the other staff members has been wonderful! I would recommend Dr. Boese without question!”

She continued, “I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of my hip replacement. I went home two days after surgery and have had very little discomfort. In fact, I’m already looking forward to having my other hip replaced. My whole experience at Miller Orthopedic has been awesome!”

Thumb is Pain Free

Judy M. came to see Dr. Abraham for a lump on her left wrist. It was painful to move her thumb. After having corrective surgery Judy, has a better range of motion in her thumb and wrist allowing for easier movement. She said, “Dr. Abraham is great! He also replaced my left hip about a year ago.”

She appreciates how everyone at the clinic is very good at providing great service. They are “wonderful”! She also was impressed by the Advanced Surgery Center where she had her surgery done. Judy recommends “this is the way to go” if you need outpatient surgery.

“Dr. Abraham is a very caring doctor,” Judy said and she would highly recommend him to friends and family. She also added, “I have never had to wait very long to get in to see Dr. Abraham. The office staff is very nice. I won’t go anywhere else for my joint problems!”

Pain Free After Two Knee Replacements

Cora S. was experiencing pain in both knees when she made an appointment with Dr. Boese. It was determined that she needed total knee replacements in both of her knees. Since the right was the most painful, she proceeded to have it replaced. Eight months later she had the left knee replaced. Cora said, “I can now go up and down steps and walk forever without pain.”

She was impressed with everything and everyone at Miller Orthopedic. “They were very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining everything. They were very thorough. Dr. Boese did a fabulous job. I had very little pain initially and now no pain.”

Cora further explains that her results were better than expected. “I was driving in 2 ½ weeks, going up stairs in 2 weeks with no pain. After six months my right knee is back to normal. My left knee is doing very well two weeks following surgery. I am very happy with my experience. I would recommend Dr. Boese to anyone and everyone that has knee or hip problems. Dr. Boese is fabulous. I think he is the BEST.”

Chronic Knee Pain Brings Satisfied Patient Back to Miller Orthopedic

Bruce M. was experiencing chronic right knee pain. He tried several non-surgical options but none provided him long-term relief. Following two successful hip replacements with Dr. Boese, he decided to schedule an appointment with him.

Dr. Boese reviewed Bruce’s x-rays and verified he had a complete loss of joint space. After discussing treatment options, Bruce opted for a total knee replacement.

Several weeks after the surgery Bruce is doing “very good.” He said he highly recommends Dr. Boese and Miller Orthopedic to friends and family. He also mentioned his satisfaction with a previous back procedure performed by Dr. Trinh.

Partial Knee Replacement Above Expectations

“I was having pain in the left knee, saw my primary care doctor and he told me I needed to see an orthopedic physician. Dr. Abraham was to be in the Audubon so I made the appointment to see him. He explained everything to me about my knee, what would be done, recovery time and what to expect.”

Mary underwent a partial knee replacement and was discharged within two days. With minimal pain, she only needed a cane for ambulation. She is thrilled with the pain relief she has received since her procedure.

Mary said, “Everyone was so pleasant. I was notified my surgery would be about a half hour late…and appreciated being informed.” She continued, “The doctor and all of the staff were just wonderful and very helpful with everything. I would recommend Miller Orthopedic and Dr. Abraham very highly. I can’t say enough good about it.”

Knee Replacement a “Wonderful” Experience

Mary S. had extreme left knee pain when she saw Dr. Atteberry. She was diagnosed with bone-on-bone osteoarthritis in her left knee. Dr. Atteberry recommended a knee replacement to relieve her pain.

Mary has known Dr. Atteberry for several years and has had several procedures performed by him. She said, “I feel that Dr. Atteberry is truly interested in his patients and what they want their lifestyle to be.” She felt she received good care from start to finish from Miller Orthopedic and hospital staff. She used “wonderful” to describe her experience with Miller Orthopedic and would highly recommend Dr. Atteberry to her friends and family.

Right Knee Replacement Perfect

Problems with both knees prompted Linda H. to see Dr. Boese. He performed a right knee replacement and a left knee manipulation. She said, “The right knee replacement is perfect and the left knee manipulation is one of the best procedures I have ever had done.”

She continued, “The reception staff is wonderful, very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Boese was very thorough and to the point as to what needed to be done.” Now Linda can participate in her grandchildren’s games and perform the activities she enjoyed before her knee pain.

Linda would highly recommend Dr. Boese and Miller Orthopedic for anyone needing a knee replacement. “I had complete trust in Dr. Boese because he had done so many knee surgeries, was so knowledgeable and knew just what to do. The entire staff, Dr. Boese, and Theresa were absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Dr. Boese and Miller Orthopedic!”

Hip Replacement A Success

A bad right hip brought Mike W. to Dr. Boese for treatment who concluded a hip replacement was necessary for optimal pain relief. Since his hip replacement, Mike says his pain is gone and was walking independently less than two weeks after his procedure.

Mike is happy with the outcome from his right hip replacement and only experiences slight muscle twinges that will go away with time. He feels the clinic at Miller Orthopedic is “very professional and well run.” Mike previously had his left hip replaced and returned with full confidence in having another excellent experience. He would highly recommend Dr. Boese and Miller Orthopedic to his friends and family.

Patient Appreciates Outpatient Clinic Convenience

Virginia H. said, “In July 2013, it was confirmed that I had a fracture in my left leg and was sent to see Dr. Atteberry. Late in September, he repaired a torn meniscus in the left knee. By then, my right knee was in pain. I received an injection but that did not give any pain relief so I choose to have a total knee replacement on it.”

Virginia is grateful for the convenience of seeing Dr. Atteberry in the Clarinda outpatient clinic. She appreciates the services from Dr. Atteberry and the nurses. “The service was professional and convenient for me and my caregivers. The clinic with the navigators was very informative. I felt at ease with every aspect through the entire process so it made me comfortable and less frightened.”

She continued, “Everything seemed exceptionally well-organized from the clinic with the navigators to the sterilization process and all the care given. I was very lucky to experience less pain than I expected because of the excellent care.”


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